I am a social entrepreneur, educational researcher and development practitioner with extensive experience working in community and international development. I am passionate about early childhood, care and education as well as being a social justice advocate. I have a BA in Community Development from the University of South Africa, a Post Graduate Diploma in International Youth and Child Care from the University of Victoria, Canada, an MSc in Development Studies from the Women’s University of Africa. I hold a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Educational Studies – Curriculum and Instruction, from the University of Victoria, Canada. 

My experience working with children at an orphanage in 2002 led to my establishing in 2008, the Nhaka Foundation, a charitable organization that has provided access to education, food, health care, psycho social support, and other essential services to children throughout Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. In 2020, I had the honour of extending the work of Nhaka Foundation to neighbouring Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). In 2021, Nhaka Foundation began work in Lesotho and Zambia, countries in Southern Africa. In all the four countries Nhaka has been partnering with local organizations and governments there for the implementation of early childhood care and programs.

In 2011, I served as a Global Leader for Young Children through the World Forum Foundation for Early Care and Education. I am honoured to currently serve as Vice President of the Board of the World Forum Foundation (US).  As a result of the Global Leader for Young Children program, I founded the Zimbabwe Network of Early Childhood Development Actors  (ZINECDA) in 2012. ZINECDA is a national network for organizations working in the early childhood care and education sector.  ZINECDA has now grown from having an initial network of 20 members to one with over 250 members intersecting on the need to provide expanded early childhood development programs, policy implementation and advocacy.  As the Chair of the Board, I continue to provide guidance to the Management team at ZINECDA. In 2014, a conversation held in San Juan, Puerto Rico led to my co-founding of the the African Early Childhood Network (AfECN) with other colleagues from Africa. With offices in Nairobi, Kenya, AfECN works to champion early childhood development in Africa. I have founded other social entrepreneurial ventures that continue to  co-develop solutions to problems in poor and marginalized communities. 

I am an Appreciative Inquiry practitioner and a believer and learner of Trust Based Philanthropy approaches in grant making. My experience establishing and working with non-profit organizations has shown me that when trust is at the centre of all grant making, the outcomes are even greater for organizations and communities served. I love writing and have several articles that have been published along with some book projects that I am currently working on.